Every year, Cochise College, along with every other college and university in the United States that accepts federal money, collects a ton of data and submits it to the Department of Education for the annual Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) report. About six months after that data are submitted we get a “Feedback” report where our college is compared to other peer institutions. This blog post links to the report for 2017 so it can be downloaded and viewed. Here are a few highlights.

  • Our number of full-time equivalent students is significantly higher than our peers, but the part-time fall enrollments are significantly lower.

  • We award a significantly higher number of Associate’s degrees and certificates of less than one year than our peers.

  • In this report, only six students were awarded “state/local grants,” compared to an average of 68 for our peers. Our number should increase dramatically next year since we instituted our new “Graduating Senior Scholarship Guarantee” program this past year.

  • Our core expenses for instruction are only about half that of our peers, and we have fewer instructors than the average for our peers.

The report is only 12 pages long and most of it is composed of graphs that make the data easy to understand. It is well worth a few minutes of reading for anyone who is interested in how Cochise College “stacks up” to our peer institutions.