I took another dip into the EMSI data this week. EMSI is economic data we have available to help with whatever workforce training decisions we need to make. In earlier posts, I looked at Career Coach, a tool that helps our students explore viable new careers, Medical Billing, a report showing the viablility of a new medical billing program, Completions and Jobs, a report that links our workfoce programs to job openings, Cochise County Economic Overview, a nice overview of the Cochise County economy, Top and Bottom Growth Occupations, a table listing the fastest growing and fastest shrinking job openings, and Skills Gap Analysis, a report that shows the gap between the skills we teach and what employers want.

Today, I took a look at the impact of the defense industry on the Cochise County supply chain. The defense industry includes the military, homeland security, investigation services, law enforcement, locksmiths, and more than 30 other related industries. The supply chain influence is measured on 91 different industries, like hospitals, real estate, truck transportation, and educational services. The following table makes it clear that the defense industry is a major contributer to the economic health of Cochise County.

Note: all numbers in this table are in thousands. It is initially sorted by Total Purchases but each column can be sorted by clicking on the small triangles to the right of the column name. The value of purchases made outside the region can be easily calculated as the difference between the total purchases and in-region purchases.

There are, of course, many other industries in Cochise County and they all have an impact on the supply chain. This report concerns the largest industry in terms of both people and payroll, but a similar report could easily be compiled for healthcare, education, and other industries.