Cochise College uses Moodle as our online learning platform and this post presents some interesting statistics from our Moodle system.

By policy, all students at Cochise College are automatically entered into the Moodle system, even if they are not taking an online class. By doing that, instructors in face-to-face classes can use the Moodle system to post their syllabi, reading material, and other information of interest to the class. As of today, we have 57,719 users in the Moodle system but only 21,740 are currently active so the others were created over the years and are no longer in an active class. Since we started using Moodle, users have spent more than 175,000 hours (that’s almost 20 years!) in the system.

Unsurprisingly, Moodle usage tends to be dependent on the week of the year. At the start of the fall term (late August and all of September) Moodle usage is very high, but in late December (when we are on winter break) there is virtually no Moodle usage.

Students tend to work on classes during normal business hours and up to about 10 PM, with another spike on Sunday evening.

The overwhelming operating system used is Windows 10, followed by Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Windows 8. A few visitors are using phones with Android and iPhone both at 4%.

Google Chrome is the overwhelming choice of browser for our users, with Safari and Firefox running a very distant second and third place.

Students seem to spend their class time in one of three activities: Forum (35.8%), Quiz (33.8%), and Assignment (20.1%). This seems to indicate that our classes are all very similar with activities like Book and Lesson only rarely being used.

Moodle is an important facet of Cochise College learning modalities and there are statistics that may inform course development and learner experience.