Fall 2018 Registrations by Division

For Fall 2018, the total number of registrations per division as of August 24, 2018, is listed in the following table.

Div Regs
Liberal Arts 5180
Business/Technology 2395
Math/Sciences 2157
Nursing and Allied Health 1222

This post uses several different R techniques to explore the registrations for the fall 2018 semester. The data were extracted from the college’s Banner system just before the start of the semester and was processed to show registration trends for the three months preceding the start of the semester along with the most popular classes per division.

Largest Classes

The graph above makes me wonder about the liberal arts division, which almost has more students than the other three divisions combined. I wondered if there one or two courses that are disproportionately large when compared to courses in other divisions. For example, ENG 101 is required for nearly every degree awarded so I would expect a lot of students in that course where the other three divisions do not have a single course that is required for nearly every student. The following mosaic plot shows the top seven courses for each division.

In case you are wondering about the numbers used to generate the plot above, the following table

lists the registrations for the top seven classes by division.

Five of the top seven liberal arts courses (ENG 101, CPD 150, ENG 102, ENG 096, and RDG 092) form the bulk of the large courses at Cochise College. Mat 081, Mat 142, and MAT 151 form the second tier of large courses and all others can be grouped into the smaller courses. Also of interest is the AAA 001 course in the Liberal Arts division. That course does not show up in the college catalog and may be nothing more than a placeholder used by advisors for some purpose.